About Us

Incorporated in 2011, GRUNTEC LTD started with the supply of liquid sodium silicate to the soaps and detergent industries. Our operations have diversified to include supply of a wide range of industrial chemicals and raw materials for a wide range of manufacturing operations. Even if we do not stock the material, we will help you in finding a source for your requirements, as a part of our customer care initiatives. Just allow us serve you while you concentrate on your core business competence.

We also consult for existing industries engaged in the manufacture of food and beverages, chemical and personal care products, as well as engage in setting up turnkey micro, mini, small and medium scale manufacturing facilities for the food and beverage industry.

We are also able to assist you in sourcing pre-owned machinery and equipment, or whole factories at a fraction of the cost of new one.

We can also help you in the disposal of surplus or redundant factories as well as machinery, tools and equipment.
Just contact us for your need and we will be glad to serve you satisfactorily. Your satisfaction is our goal.

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